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We started "The Health Leaders Club" because the industry needed a space where the smartest, most outrageously inventive and ambitious people could connect and create. It needs it still, and more than ever, as the pace of change and the reach of new possibilities increase. The Health Leaders Club is that space - where technology meets Medical and create innovation, Innovation & ideas meet People and become reality. Everyone is here, every time – seizing the opportunity to meet the person or land the deal that will change the trajectory of their business. The Health Leaders Club is a potent blend of people, tech, money and ideas that crackles with new potential. We provide the spark, you fuel the progress.


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The Health Leaders Club is a domain specific, quality-over-quantity organisation. Unlike traditional members clubs with focus on profitable networking, we aim to assemble community of members that share a common set of values; a passion for knowledge, the desire to collaborate, and the ambition to leave a lasting impact on their industry.

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